Power Options


Serpac offers a wide range of enclosures with battery holders and/or compartments.

From pocketable to handheld to wall mountable and everything in between Serpac has a solution for your project.

Customize almost any enclosure by adding the 1040 2AA Battery Holder. The battery holder comes with battery contacts and can be attached to any of our ABS enclosures using sonic welding. It is also usable with other materials using two #2 screws (not included).

Standard options include 2AA, 4AA, 9-volt, coin cells and access panels. Most enclosures are available molded in flame retardant ABS plastic, many are NEMA/IP rated and UV resistant.

We proudly offer no-minimum machining and printing customization on all of our products.

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9V Battery

2AA Batteries

AAA Batteries

Coin Battery