Engineering Information

Product size-weight table


All Enclosures are RoHS compliant.


Electromagnetic Interference (E.M.I.) is electronic pollution which is caused by rapidly changing voltage. It can cause computational errors or wipe out complete memories, much like electrostatic discharge (E.S.D.), if allowed to penetrate sensitive electronic components. The Serpac E.M.I. enclosure will offer a higher degree of protection than any paired surface. We recommend that all end manufactures conduct open field
measurement tests.

emi graphic


For a part to resist a particular blow without failure two conditions must be met:

  1. The part must absorb the total Kinetic energy of the blow, that is, the striker must be brought to zero velocity and then rebound.
  2. The stresses developed within the part must not exceed the fracture strength of the material.
izod impact test graphic


Flammability tests cannot and do not measure material performance in a fire. U.L. standard 94 defines two types of test. These tests lead to essentially six levels of ratings.

ul flamability scale

Depending on your final use and environment of operation it is likely a U.L. standard will need to be met. Serpac can provide a custom material and certification for your needs.