Accuform Foam

All Serpac cases may be purchased with a foam set. The lid has egg crate foam the bottom has a shock absorbing Accuform Foam. The Accuform Foam is a block of vertically pre-scored high-density foam that can be easily "plucked" to provide a snug fit, for individual equipment and accessories. This will protect your stored equipment from the abuse of even your roughest adventure.

For best results, please read the following text in its entirety before altering the foam. Although not necessary or required, here are some tools and items you may want to have available when setting up your foam:


  1. Determine the dimensions of the object you wish to set into the foam. The dimensions that should be considered are size, shape and weight.
  2. Place the object(s) on top of the foam to get an idea of how you are going to lay it out. Often times you may want to set several items in your case, so this is a good first step to determine where everything will be located. Try different configurations for best fit and protection.
  3. Place larger and heavier objects towards the hinges and the smaller lightweight objects closer to the latches. Notice how much the object is depressing the foam under its own weight and keep this in mind to allow enough foam thickness between objects and case walls. The heavier or more sensitive the object is, the more foam you will want surrounding it for maximum protection.
  4. Keep your case well balanced by placing heavy objects towards the center and surround it with lighter items. Remember that your case will be turned in all directions when traveling and especially while being handled by others.

Marking your pattern

You may now mark your foam by tracing your objects with white chalk or black marker. Remember that the foam will "give" considerably, so if using a marker a smaller tip is better. We recommend using the chalk method for round, curved or unevenly shaped objects. Chalk marks can later be removed with a damp cloth or the foam may be flipped over when removing foam all the way through.

Cutting and Plucking

Remove all your objects from the foam surface and determine how you want to make the vertical holes for your objects.

We hope you found this helpful in getting your case set up to protect your valuable equipment. If you find other alternatives when working with the foam or applications for our cases, we would appreciate your comments. Contact us at: