Machining and In Mold Customization

2 Day Turn Around

From off the shelf to ready to deliver in less than two days.


All SERPAC enclosures are designed with customization in mind. Your modifications (characters, symbols, openings, and recesses) may be either be molded or CNC cut into the enclosure. Simply provide us with a drawing and we do the rest!

In Mold Modifications

All enclosures have insert areas (I-Plates) where custom modifications may be manufactured to your specifications. Modifications made to the mold with I-Plates can significantly reduce your machining costs while adding a custom look to you final product.

Many of our enclosures I-plates have the ability to modify the height of internal bosses to accommodate your specific application.

I-Plates have a reasonable one time tooling charge and are owned by you. Please contact customer service for details.

CNC Machining Modifications

For smaller quantities or modifications that are not able to be produced with in mold customization Serpac offers CNC machining.

We can machine each enclosure with your specified geometry.

From cut-outs and/or recesses to logo's and more we can make your design a reality. Additionally we can remove or shorten circuit board bosses or card guides if necessary.

Customization Guidelines:

All measurments are ±.01".

Contact our experienced sales department; they will gladly help customize your enclosure.