Detachable Wall Mounts


The detachable wall mount feature is available in numerous S-Series, SL-Series and clear top enclosures.

This unique feature allows the enclosure to be mounted to different surfaces (curved or flat) in a secure and robust manner and can easily be attached and removed from the mounting plate. All hardware is included.

**Part number nomenclature will be: From 031 to 031W,BK for black, GY for gray or AL for almond. For clear top enclosures will be: From 132C to 132WC,BK

Product Image

Image Part Number Description Fits (includes i, R, Ri, C, RC)
add W after first 3 digits** Detachable wall mount 031, 131, 231, 032, 132, 232, 033, 133, 233,
051, 151, 251, 052, 152, 252, 053, 153, 253,
071, 072, 073,
05S, 25S, 07S
-Clear Top options-
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