2AA battery holder

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The 2AA battery holder comes with battery contacts (two single pn 72 and one double pn 73). It can be attached to any of our ABS enclosures at almost any location desired. This will incur additional charges. Please submit a drawing with the desired location for a quote.

It can also be installed anywhere using two #2 screws (not supplied)

Our S-Series and WM-Series have a standard location. **The part number ends with AA2 (i.e. 151AA2 or WM052CRAA2)

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Image Part Number Description Fits

1040 (part & battery contacts-only)

for S & WM-Series add AA2 to part no.**

2AA battery holder

A-Series, I-Series, RB-Series (custom)

S-Series, SL-Series, WM-Series (custom)

S-Series, SL-Series and WM-Series (off-the-shelf)