Mounting Panels for I-Series

Product Image


Easy to install and modify, our mounting panels have been designed specifically to mount your components internally either in a permenant or hinged configuration.

Screws are included to attach mounts to enclosures.

Image Model Description Fits Drawing
7100B Aluminum bottom panel I152
7100HP Plastic hinged top panel I152
7100TH Aluminum hinged top panel I152
7100T Aluminum top panel I152
7200B Aluminum bottom panel I342 and I352
7200HP Plastic hinged top panel I342 and I352
7200TH Aluminum hinged top panel I342 and I352
7200T Aluminum top panel I342 and I352
7300B Aluminum bottom panel I652HL
7300TH Aluminum hinged top panel I652HL
7300T Aluminum top panel I652HL

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